Customer Overview

The customer endpoints are used to create customers, retrieve statuses, check balances, and view or update profiles.

Customer status/onboard/v1/customer/status
Publish ID scans/onboard/v1/customer/idScans
Check balances/customer/v1/balance
View or update profile/customer/v1/profile


New Customer Tag is an identifier string prefixed with n.. The value is the customer's hashed SSN.

n.<hashed id>

Existing Customer Tag is an identifier string prefixed with e.. The value is the Avenu assigned Customer Account Number. The Customer Account Number is assigned by Avenu when a customer initiates onboarding.

e.<customer account number>

Customer Account Number is a unique sixteen digit indentity tied to a specific Avenu client.

Client is the developer or business engaging with Avenu's API

Customer is the client's user