Payments Overview

Avenu currently offers payment capabilities in the form of ACH transfers. Version 1 of Avenu's API supports debit card funding of a customer's account and ACH origination. Debit funding is available to instantiate an account balance. There are also endpoints available to retrieve payment statuses and details, create a dispute, and administer customer payment adjustments.

Fund account via debit cardcustomer/v1/fund
Send payments, see payment detailscustomer/v1/payment
See payment statuscustomer/v1/payment/status
See recent paymentscustomer/v1/payments


These are codes returned when requesting status updates or posting a payment.

PENDINGA pending settlement
FAILEDThe payment failed
SETTLEDThe payment has been settled
DECLINEDThe payment has been declined
CANCELEDThe payment has been canceled

Payment Types

The currently available payment types in Avenu's v1 API

AVENUPayment between Avenu customers
ACHPayment to/from an ACH account
DEBITPayment to/from an external debit card account
RETURNACH payments that have been returned by the receiver
DEBIT_CARD_FUNDA debit card funding

ACH Settlement

ACH transmission jobs run twice daily, once in the evening (Eastern) and once again in the morning to capture any transactions that missed the evening cutoff. This increases the likelihood that ACH transactions will settle within 24 hours.