Payments Overview

Avenu currently offers payment capabilities in the form of ACH transfers. Version 1 of Avenu's API supports debit card funding of a customer's account and ACH origination. Debit funding is available to instantiate an account balance. There are also endpoints available to retrieve payment statuses and details, create a dispute, and administer customer payment adjustments.

Fund account via debit cardcustomer/v1/fund
Fund account via tokenized debit cardcustomer/v1/token/fund
Send payments, see payment detailscustomer/v1/payment
See payment statuscustomer/v1/payment/status
See recent paymentscustomer/v1/payments


These are codes returned when requesting status updates or posting a payment.

PENDINGA pending settlement
FAILEDThe payment failed
SETTLEDThe payment has been settled
DECLINEDThe payment has been declined
CANCELEDThe payment has been canceled
AUTHORIZEDThe debit card funding has been authorized
CAPTUREDThe debit card funding has been captured. Funds are available for customer use.

Payment Types

The currently available payment types in Avenu's v1 API

AVENUPayment between Avenu customers
ACHPayment to/from an ACH account
RETURNACH payments that have been returned by the receiver
DEBIT_CARD_FUNDA debit card funding
TRANSFER_REFUNDA return from the client's account to a customer's account

ACH and Debit Settlement Timing

ACH funds are batch-settled according to NACHA timing at the end of each business day. The Avenu cut off time for payments is 5pm est - any new payments created after this point will be settled the following day. Avenu runs transmission jobs twice daily - once in the evening and once again in the morning to capture any transactions that missed the evening cutoff time, in order to increase the likeliehood that ACH transactions will settle within 24 hours. Payments created after 5pm est on Friday, over the weekend, or during a bank holiday will be added to the next banking business days' batch and settled the following business day.

Avenu runs a chronjob every 15 minutes on normal banking days to check for debit funding requests in CAPTURED state. Transactions in CAPTURED state will be marked as SETTLED, allowing the customer to use those funds at that time. The funding transaction will be settled on the bank side on the next business day. Transactions made over the weekend or on bank holidays will be settled on the next business day. E.g., a debit fund transaction created on Saturday will stay in PENDING status until the chronjob runs on the next business day at midnight. If that transaction moves to a CAPTURED state at that time, the funds will be made immediately available to the customer and will settled in the clients' bank account the next business day.