[GET] customer/v1/payments

Get recent payments

Utilizing limit, before, after, page, status, and amount optional query parameters, call the recent payments endpoint to return a list of a customer's recent payments.

Example [GET] Request


Query Parameters

"after"String; ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DDN
"before"String; ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DDN

Example Response

    "pagination": {
        "next": "customer/v1/payments?page=2"
    "totalPayments": "45",
    "payments": [
            "paymentType": "ACH",
            "recipientAccount": {
                "customerAccountNumber": null,
                "achAccountNumber": "706506853",
                "debitCardNumber": null,
                "debitCardExpiration": null,
                "debitCardCvv": null
            "amount": "100",
            "currency": "USD",
            "memo": "Ach Debit request for 100",
            "paymentId": "a.0e3c0ad1-54df-457a-8ffa-12f858956822",
            "status": "SETTLED",
            "dateUpdated": "2024-04-30T04:00:01.645761Z"

Response Elements

paginationThe current page of transactions
totalPaymentsThe total number of payments a customer has made
paymentTypeThe type of payment for the transaction. See Payments Overview
recipientAccountArray with details of the account receiving the payment
customerAccountNumberAccount number of the recipient
achAccountNumberACH account number of the recipient
debitCardNumberDebit card number of the recipient
debitCardExpirationDebit card expiration of the recipient
debitCardCvvDebit card security code (CVV / CVC) of the recipient
amountThe amount of the payment in the lowest currency. e.g. cents
currencyThe currency of the payment
memoAny memo attached to the payment
paymentIdThe identification number for the payment.
statusThe current status of the transaction. See Payments Overview
dateUpdatedDate of last status update in format ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD