[GET] /onboard/v1/customer/status

Get customer status

The get customer status endpoint allows for the retrieval of the current status of a customer. After a customer is onboarded their data will pass through several KYC (know-your-customer) vendor systems aimed at preventing money laundering and fraud. The status endpoint will provide information based on the response of those checks, and if any additional identification verification is required.

The request allows the newCustomerTag parameter as a string. When provided, Avenu's API will query the Customer Account and Customer Sub-ledger Event to retrieve the Customer Account Status.

Example [GET] Request


Query Parameter

ParameterFormatRequiredPossible Error Codes
"newCustomerTag"StringY1001, 1002, 1003

Example Response

    "newCustomerTag": "",
    "customerAccountNumber": "",
    "status": "",
    "statusInfo": "",
    "idScanUrl": ""

Response Elements

newCustomerTagThe customer's new customer tag. This value is set in during onboarding prior to an account number being associated with the customer.
customerAccountNumberThe Avenu customer account number is returned only after onboarding finalization (status code: ENABLED)
statusThe customer's status code.See Below
statusInfoAdditional information associated with status code.
idScanUrlURL for serving iFrame implementation of KYC ID scan and liveliness.

The status field will change depending on the value of accountStatus returned by the query. The following table illustrates possible response values and behavior. If a status of PENDING is returned, then the Avenu API is still awaiting a response from the KYC vendors and you should check back soon for an updated status.

Customer Status Codes

PENDINGnullAccount is pending."PENDING"
DISABLEDnullAccount is disabled. No payments can be made from/to this account."DISABLED"
ENABLEDset to SubLedger customerAccountsAccount is enabled"ENABLED"
ID_SCANnullCustomer needs to provide ID scan. statusInfo object contains the IDology KYC ID number"ID_SCAN"
FAILEDnullAs a result of an issue with the ID Scan (see table below for all statusInfo scenarios)"FAILED"
ERRORnullUnknown App Error"ERROR"

Response per Status

CustomerAccount accountStatus = PENDING{ status: 'PENDING', customerAccountNumber: null, statusInfo: null }
CustomerAccount accountStatus = PENDING AND accountKyc = ID_SCAN{ status: 'ID_SCAN', customerAccountNumber: null, statusInfo: [Idology KYC ID number] }
CustomerAccount accountStatus = SUSPENDED{ status: 'DISABLED', customerAccountNumber: null, statusInfo: null }
CustomerAccount accountStatus = CLOSED{ status: 'DISABLED', customerAccountNumber: null, statusInfo: null }
CustomerAccount accountStatus = OPEN{ status: 'ENABLED', customerAccountNumber: [customerAccountNumber], statusInfo: null }

FAILED customer status scenarios and next steps

idScan Response [status]idScan Actions [statusInfo]Customer [status]Customer [statusInfo]Next Step
FailPass back each qualifier; {{id-scan-verification-result/qualifier}}FAILEDIDScan FailureInitiate Onboarding
FailPhoto ID Not ValidFAILEDPhoto ID Not ValidInitiate Onboarding
PendingPhoto ID Not Readable, please try againFAILEDPhoto ID Not Valid, please try againInitiate Onboarding
FailTimed OutFAILEDIDScan Timed OutInitiate Onboarding
FailAbandoned SessionFAILEDAbandoned SessionInitiate Onboarding


1001"Missing required field"
1002"Invalid data structure"
1003"Invalid data"