[POST] customer/v1/fund

Fund account via debit card

The fund endpoint allows customers to fund their account balance via transaction from an external debit card account. All funding requests are made in the lowest possible denomination of a currency; eg a funding request for $1.00 USD will be sent as 100.

Avenu runs a chronjob every 15 minutes on normal banking days to check for debit funding requests in CAPTURED state. Transactions in CAPTURED state will be marked as SETTLED, allowing the customer to use those funds at that time. The funding transaction will be settled on the bank side on the next business day. Transactions made over the weekend or on bank holidays will be settled on the next business day. As an example, a debit fund transaction created on Saturday will stay in PENDING status until the chronjob runs on the next business day at midnight. If that transaction moves to a CAPTURED state at that time the funds will be made immediately available to the customer and will settled in the client's bank account the next business day.

Example [POST] Request

    "amount" : {{ryan-debit-amount}},
    "currency" : "USD",
    "memo" : "Debit card funding from Brittany for 28700",
    "cardType" : "DEBIT",
    "cardNumber" : "################",
    "cardExp" : "1025",
    "cardCvv" : "999",
    "cardholderFirstname": "Brittany",
    "cardholderLastname": "Sanders",
    "cardholderCompany": "Amazon Inc.",
    "cardholderAddress1": "5 Oakwood Court",
    "cardholderAddress2": null,
    "cardholderCity": "Erlanger",
    "cardholderState": "KY",
    "cardholderZip": "41018",
    "cardholderCountry": "US",
    "cardholderPhone": "202-360-8494",
    "cardholderEmail": "[email protected]",
    "saveCard": false

Input Parameters

"amount"IntegerYFunding amount in lowest currency e.g. cents
"currency"String; Three-letter ISO currency codeYThe transaction currency
"memo"StringNThe transaction memo
"cardType"enumYCard type. See below
"cardNumber"StringYCredit card number
"cardExp"StringC; required for cardType of "DEBIT"Card expiration date
"cardCvv"StringNCard security code (CVV / CVC)
"cardholderFirstname"StringYCardholder first name
"cardholderLastname"StringYCardholder last name
"cardholderCompany"StringNCardholder's company
"cardholderAddress1"StringYCardholder's billing address
"cardholderAddress2"StringNCardholder's billing address, line 2
"cardholderCity"StringYCardholder's billing city
"cardholderState"String; Format: CCYCardholder's billing state
"cardholderZip"StringYCardholder's billing zip code
"cardholderCountry"String; Two-letter ISO 3166. Format: CCNCardholder's billing country
"cardholderPhone"StringNCardholder's billing phone number
"cardholderEmail"StringNCardholder's billing email
"saveCard"BooleanYCustomer authorization to save card details

Card Types

DEBITDebit cardRequires cardExp

Example Response

    "fund": {
        "amount": 28700,
        "currency": "USD",
        "memo": "Debit card funding from Brittany for 28700",
        "cardType": "DEBIT",
        "cardNumber": "################",
        "cardExp": "1025",
        "cardCvv": "999",
        "cardholderFirstname": "Brittany",
        "cardholderLastname": "Sanders",
        "cardholderCompany": "Amazon Inc.",
        "cardholderAddress1": "5 Oakwood Court",
        "cardholderAddress2": null,
        "cardholderCity": "Erlanger",
        "cardholderState": "KY",
        "cardholderZip": "41018",
        "cardholderCountry": "US",
        "cardholderPhone": "202-360-8494",
        "cardholderEmail": "[email protected]",
        "saveCard": false
    "transactionId": "cf.73220a80-b5e0-4dfb-b724-7cfd1f2e7430",
    "cardToken": "db99e7ad5644b5e8cf7bc2405f6655a8",
    "status": "PENDING",
    "dateCreated": null,
    "dateUpdated": null

Response Elements

(In addition to elements found in the input parameters)

transactionIdUUID payment identifier
cardTokenAvenu issued card token; set to blank currently
statusStatus of payment at end of transaction. See Payments Overview.
dateCreatedTransaction processed date in format ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD.
dateUpdatedDate of last status update in format ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD

Error Codes

1001"Missing required field"
1002"Invalid data structure"
1003"Invalid data"