Getting Started


Avenu’s API is RESTful, and has predictable resource-oriented URLs. It accepts JSON request bodies and returns JSON-encoded responses, while using standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs. Avenu provides a Sandbox environment for testing before going to production. Avenu does not support bulk updates; only one object per request.

The base URL for the Avenu Sandbox is

The base URL is followed by group, version, optional path, and endpoint.

Versioning syntax is v# where # is numerical starting at 1.

An example URL for retrieving a customer profile would be:

GET <>

In this example the group is customer the version is v1 and the endpoint is profile.

Avenu’s custom-built API is a fully realized banking tool that enables you and your customers to create both transactional and deposit accounts and utilize them in the expected ways: paper and plastic processing through ACH, debit and credit, ATMs, wire transfers, and real time processing. This documentation’s purpose is to give an overview of Avenu’s capabilities and to answer broad questions our partners might have.