[POST] /customer/v1/complaint

Allow customers to create a complaint

Effective complaint management is crucial for a comprehensive compliance program. Complaints provide insights to enhance customer satisfaction, program delivery, and service quality, while aiding examiners in assessing consumer compliance and risk. This system allows customers to submit concerns directly through the client's application, creating a case in a secure database. This ensures clear and effective complaint management that meets examiner standards.

This endpoint allows customers to submit concerns regarding experiences within the client's application on the Avenu platform. A submission should include details of the concern as well as the complainants information and relevant identifiers for the issues presented.

Example [POST]Request

    "productType": "",                
    "serviceType": "",                 
    "customerComplaintAbout": "",      
    "detailsOfIssue": "",             
    "attachments": "",                 
    "dateEventOccured": "",       
     "deviceIdentity": {
        "deviceId" : "",                  
        "deviceType" : "",                
        "deviceName" : "",                
        "deviceOperatingSystem" : "",     
        "deviceIPAddress" : "",           
        "deviceLocation" : "",            
        "deviceLongitude" : "",           
        "deviceLatitude" : "",           
        "deviceUser" : "",               
        "deviceIMEINumber" : "",          
        "deviceTorEnabled" : "",          
        "deviceFirstSeen" : "",           
        "deviceLastSeen" : ""             


Input Parameters

ParameterFormatLength RestrictionRequired?Explanation
"productType"StringMust be one of the following strings, we recommend auto filling this
Checking Account
YThe product type for the complaint (Checking Account)
"serviceType"StringMust be one of the following strings, we recommend creating a picklist
Debit Card
Peer to Peer
NThe service type for the complaint. (ACH, Debit Card, Peer to Peer Payment)
"customerComplaintAbout"StringMust be one of the following strings, we recommend creating a picklist
Opening an account
Managing an account
Closing an account
Problem with fees or penalties
Problem caused by funds being low
Deposit and withdrawals
Problem using debit card or ATM card
Funds not handled or disbursed as instructed
Banking errors
Problem accessing account
Problem making or receiving payments
YWhat the customer complaint is about
"detailsOfIssue"String (long)3,200YDetails of Issue
"attachments"ObjectFile Format: PNG, JPG, JPEG, PDFNAttachments for the complaint. Avenu accepts to provided file formats; it is to client discretion what format they will request or allow
"dateEventOccurred"StringString, ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DDYDate Only
"deviceId"String100NThe user's unique device identifier.
"deviceType"String50NThe type of the user's device
"deviceName"String100NThe name given to the user's device.
"deviceOperatingSystem"String100NThe OS of the user's device.
"deviceIPAddress"String15NCurrent IP Address for the device.
"deviceLocation"String100NCurrent location for the device.
"deviceLongitude"String50NDevice's location longitude.
"deviceLatitude"String50NDevice's location latitude.
"deviceUser"String50NThe name of the user of the device.
"deviceIMEINumber"String15NMobile device unique equipment identifier.
"deviceTorEnabled"Boolean1NDevice is/is not using Tor browser.
"deviceFirstSeen"String, ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD10NDate the device was first used to access Avenu.
"deviceLastSeen"String, ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD10NDate the device was last used to access Avenu

Example Response

    "customerID": "",
    "customerName": "",
    "complaintID": "This will be Avenu UUID of the complaint",
    "productType": "",
    "customerComplainingAbout": "",
    "detailsOfIssue": "",
    "dateComplaintRecieved": ""

Response Parameters

"customerID"StringCustomer's identification number
"customerName"StringCustomer's first and last name
"complaintID"StringAvenu provided UUID of the complaint
"productType"StringThe product type for the complaint (ACH, Debit Card, Peer to Peer Payment)
"customerComplainingAbout"StringWhat the customer complaint is about
"detailsOfIssue"StringDetails of Issue
"dateComplaintReceived"String, ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DDDate Only

Error Codes

For Required, Size, and Format restrictions an error code may be returned for each field. Errors related to the endpoint fields will be returned as an AP error with a description. Only one error code is returned per field each time in that order. For example, if firstName is >50 characters and has special characters, only the size restriction error code and message will be sent back first as:

    "code": "CA3107",
    "message": "firstName: Invalid Length"
CategoryResponse CodeResponse Error Message
RequiredCA3000{Field Name} : Missing Required Field
SizeCA3107{Field Name} : Invalid Length
FormatCA3107{Field Name} : Invalid Format
RequiredCA3104Invalid Data
ComplaintsAP3002{Field Name} : Invalid Data
ComplaintsAP9000File Type Is Not Valid (attachment is incorrect type)
ComplaintsAP9001File Size Is Too Large (attachment is too large)
ComplaintsAP9002Unexpected Erorr While Processing File Please Contact Support
ComplaintsAP9003File Name Already Exists
ComplaintsXH3007Invalid Data (submitted an incorrect serviceType)

Webhook Notifications

Please reference the Webhooks page for information on Complaint webhook notifications.